Radio documentary w/ Laura Stek

Listen here the radio documentary (in Dutch)

Sara was only five years old for a very short time. Her three year old sister Anna died twelve days after Sara's birthday. There are some vague memories, such as a kitchen full of people, the small pink hat that was knitted, the cold kiss in the coffin and her mother crying behind the ironing board. Actually, her memories begin only after the birth of her new sister, two years later. As she sees her own five-year-old daughter Yuki, Sara becomes increasingly curious about her own little version. What did she notice about Anna's death? Did she grieve? And was there even room for that?

Through a reconstruction, Sara tries to organise her memories and connect pieces of the puzzle. At home they did not speak about Anna's death, but through making this documentary Sara changes this. She calls her kindergarten teacher, starts a conversation with her uncle and aunt, talks to her younger sister, visits her old home with her best girlfriend and prepares herself for the difficult confrontation with her parents. Did they still see Sara, or were they absorbed by their own grief?

In between, Sara talks with her five-year-old daughter, Yuki, who has strikingly sharp questions and observations. "Where were you actually when she died? Were you alone then? Did you have to cry a little? " She also interviewed three young children who, like Sara, have lost a brother or sister. The moving conversations are constructed to a recurring echo, reminding Sara of having the same kind of experience as a little girl.

Fragment of the radio documentary with english subtitles
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