Sara kolster (NL, 1978) is a director and visual designer specialized in digital storytelling. She makes documentary films, podcasts, animations and interactive stories in a wide range different media. As a designer, she closely works together with the fabulous Studioparkers.

In 2023 Dead as a Dodo (Zo dood als een Pier, HUMAN) was nominated for best youth series at the Cinekid festival. Award winning online animation Why don’t you leave? (Moondocs) was published in 2022 and her short film To the Moon and back (2019) premiered at IDFA. The awarded podcast When I was Five (VPRO) was released 2017.

Photo: Lisa van der Rhee

As an independent maker she realizes interactive stories such as the award winning online animation Waarom ga je niet weg?, Virtual Reality Drawing Room (IDFA Doclab Award for best Storytelling), web documentary Love Radio, (IDFA Doclab, Zilveren Camera) and interactive video Hidden Wounds (IDFA Doclab, Reflecting Images 2013).

She uses different strategies: From time-based media to research methods belonging to disciplines such as journalism. Her work is shown at international festivals and exhibitions in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Tokyo & Berlijn.


You want to get in touch? You can reach me by email or,
text me at: +31 (0)621441282

Studio address
Johan van Hasseltkade 198
The Netherlands