Virtual Reality w/ Jaap Robben, Zesbaans & Gijs Kast

Out of Sight is a drawn Virtual Reality that takes you to the world of 9-year old Lena and her father. While Lena is busy dissecting an owl pellet, her father is swallowed by his own memories. They are having a conversation, but at the same time, they aren't. Without knowing, they are both thinking about the same: the loss of Lisa, her sister and his daughter. As a viewer you find yourself in the head of the father or the daughter and you experience the two different perspectives.

Sit down, take one of the two seats and let yourself be carried away in a fictitious reality about forgetting and remembering. About life and death.

Out of sight is a concept by director Sara Kolster in close collaboration with author Jaap Robben. Together with illustrator Gijs Kast and the developers from Zesbaans the VR was realised. The plan for Out of Sight arose following the VR Drawing Room which won the prestigious IDFA Doclab Award for Digital Storytelling.

Out of sight was commissioned by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Fund Creative Industries NL for the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016 where Flanders and the Netherlands being the Guest of Honour.

More information and the full credit-list can be found on the website: www.outofsight-vr.com

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