2006 w/ Machteld van Gelder

In collaboration with Machteld van Gelder, I developed (concept/design) the online museum about the work and life of Dutch (historic)fiction writer Hella Safira Haasse. Hella S. Haasse is one of the most important Dutch writers of the 20th century - La Grand Dame of Dutch Literature - whose work involved impressive historic research in order to create her characters and stories.

For almost a year and a half, I had the honor to collaborate intensively with Hella S. Haasse. Together with her editor Patricia de Groot (Querido), we went through her private archive of photo's, documents, research notes, diploma's, objects and books. We scanned, photographed, made notes and were able to sift through it, select the most valuable materials which we wanted to present online. This was a very honorable and commemorable experience.

The Museum was opened on her 90th birthday, February 5th 2008, and got massive attention in the news, and unfortunately it is not online anymore.  

This project was made possible by the contribution of the Dutch Mediafonds, the Mondriaan Foundation, Fonds BKVB and Querido.

Hella S. Haasse

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