EYE Film museum
Interactive space w/ Submarine

For the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, I developed with Submarine the interactive space - the Basement - which gives visitors freely access to the rich film archives of the Dutch filmmuseum.

The Basement exists in two different spaces: The Panorama and Playground. In the Panorama room - a 360˚ projection space - visitors can interact and zoom in on cinema fragments from the rich EYEfilm archive. Ranging from black and white documentary and experimental animation to contemporary film. In the Playground area, complete films can be viewed in comfortable 'Pods'. Visitors can make their own selection of films or choose to be guided through the archive by well known Dutch filmmakers.

Here I found a nice review:

The most fun awaits in the basement, where the multimedia entertainment and interactive installations inspire a childlike wonderment. The Panorama room, as the name implies, contains a panoramic screen with several control panels, each of which offers a cinematic theme for visitors to discover as their choices are projected onto the screen before them. Special "pods" concentrated around the basement offer a semi-private place for two to watch selected movies or take a film quiz; similar to the sit-in arcade pods of yore, these mustard-yellow pods have an immersive Cinemascope screen, but extra comfort over their arcade counterparts in the form of a two-seater sofa.

Working for Submarine, I was responsible for concept development, artistic and technical execution of the project from start to finish.

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