Virtual Reality w/ Jan Rothuizen & Zesbaans

Together with Jan Rothuizen and studio Zesbaans we created the 360º virtual reality drawing ‘Drawing Room’ in Room On the Roof. As a viewer you will be part of a drawn reality in which real and unreal unite. Immerse yourself in the vision of Rothuizen with the help of Oculus Rift glasses, Google cardboard or the browser from your tablet or computer.

Drawing Room is a ‘Drawn Reality’ inspired by the tower room on the roof of De Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam. The oldes department store in the city invited Rothuizen to spend some time there: to take in the view, to wave to the people down on Dam Square, or just to do nothing for a while. Starting this year, De Bijenkorf is inviing creative people of all stripes to find inspiration and create. This is part of a new strategy that’s geared less to the goods and more towards having a ‘premium experience’. What that exactly is, Rothuizen can tell you in his ‘drawn reality’, in which real and not real seamlessly merge. However ‘premium’ this location may be, the view doesn’t immediately grant any insight. Take a good look around you: Rothuizen’s sharp observations are playfully spread across his virtual canvas.

Youtube 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6a3QlFOeYs
Unity: http://roomontheroof.com/assets/apps/janrothuizen/

The virtual tower ‘Drawing Room’ was shown in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam on the fifth floor in October 2015. 'Drawing Room' is selected for IDFA Doclab and nominated for the IDFA DocLab Immersive Non-Fiction Award 2015.
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