SoundTransit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field recording and phonography. Sound lovers, recordists and avid listeners can enjoy the sounds which have been recorded by professional and amateur sound hunters from all over the world. And if you want to escape your current environment for a couple of minutes, you'll be able to make a sonic journey which makes you feel like you're actually traveling.

The website exists in two sections, the Book and Search section.

In the Book section of the website, you can plan a sonic journey through various locations recorded around the world.

In the Search section, you can search the database for specific sounds by member artists from many different places. If you are a phonographer, you can also contribute your recordings for others to enjoy.

The Creative Commons Attribution license encourages the sharing and reuse of all sounds on this website.

The website was launched in 2005, got support from the Digital Pioneers and and has gathered more then 2000 sounds gathered by close to 500 artist from all over the world.